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The Neuroscience of Vision and Breathing

The connection between breathing and vision is yet another marker on how infinitely complex the human body is. We know of this intuitively, and science has again put into human language a law of nature. I thank Dr. Leonard J. Press, an authority in vision development and vision therapy, for this post. I have his permission to re-post it. Many of us in the holistic quest for thriving, as God intends for us all, will find pleasure in this post. Blessings!

The VisionHelp Blog

From an article on mental health published on November 16, 2020 in Scientific American journalist Jessica Wapner encapsulates the work of Dr. Andrew Huberman about vision and autonomic arousal. She relates that Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford University who studies the visual system, notes that stress is not just about the content of what we are reading or the images we are seeing. It is about how our eyes and breathing change in response to the world, as well as the cascades of events that follow. The bodily processes of vision and respiration therefore offer us accessible releases from stress. Here are some excepts from Ms. Wapner’s interview with Dr. Huberman:

What is stress’s relationship to vision?

When you see something exciting or stressful—a news headline, a fraudulent credit-card charge—heart rate increases; breathing increases. One of the most powerful changes is with vision. The pupils dilate, and there’s a change…

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