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From the tropics!

Hello World, from the south eastern part of Asia, the western side of the Pacific where hurricanes are a common thing. I have high hopes for thriving. I do my best to define my happiness. Continually. I greet you with all the positivity that the universe can offer. Shalom. Harinawa. Namaste. Blessings.

Despite my lack of substantial prepration, from all angles, consideration, and contexts, I was able to finish a doctoral dissertation (hooray!).

Considering how priveleged I was, I did my best to work on a topic that will find immediate use to the non-academic world. I chose the biblical commandment on parents.

This is the “Elterngebot,” that is, the biblical commandment on parents.

Although the doctoral disseration is now published, access to it is very limited. Therefore, this blog.

Tuloy po sila! (i.e., Welcome!)

You will see here posts that are connected to the discussion on the biblical commandment [to honor] parents.

My worldview is of that part of Southeast Asia that is profoundly affected by globalism because it is still suffering the aftermath of colonialism.

My academic context is of the system that was patterned after the western way.

I am new to theology. I used to be in mathematics and the sciences, but I didn’t go into any of their depths. These associations allow me varied perspectives.

Having finished a doctoral dissertation only made me aware of the vast amount of information on my topic that is yet unknown to me, nor do I even ambition to get near to knowing all of it. Paradoxically, this knowledge alone brings out feelings of excitement, intimidation, caution, humility, and courage in me.

Excitement that there is space for me to contirbute to the conversation, intimidation in the face of so much erudition ahead and alongside and behind me, caution that I might fall in the trap of academic snobbery, humility in the presence of those who can do much more with less materials, and courage to do as much as I can.

Thank you for dropping by.

Viel Spass! Enjoy!

Mona Lisa P. Siacor, Dr. phil. (in Protestant Theology)
[University of Regensburg, 2017]

Domicile: Negros Occidental, Philippines

To thrive means to flourish, to prosper, to grow vigorously.

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